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Expense management
Expense management

Learn how to manage your expenses with TravelBank

What if I never received the $0.01 verification deposit when adding a bank account for reimbursements?
I received an email stating that I was reimbursed; why can't I find my deposit in my bank account?
Can I use my debit card as my bank account number for reimbursements?
What do I do if I didn't add my bank account for reimbursement before my expense report was approved?
Why was my deposit returned?
If I submit an expense report but want to have the money deposited into a different account, can I choose where the reimbursement will go?
I submitted my report; why haven't I been reimbursed yet?
I received an automated email that my bank account information was missing. I added it; why haven't I been reimbursed yet?

FAQ: Syncing Credit Card TransactionsLearn more about Synced Cards and U.S. Bank Instant Cards™ Synced Transactions
Why can't I submit my expenses?
Why can't I see all of my expenses or transactions on the Expenses & Transactions page?
I split my expense; why can't I submit my expense?
I selected two items; why can't I merge them?
Why do my repeat expenses no longer show allocations?
When I create an expense, why don't I see an option to split my expense?
How will I know whether my manager has left a comment on my expense report?
Can I add a comment to an expense report if I've already returned it?
Will comments appear in an expense export?
If I accidentally use my company credit card for a purchase and then have the merchant process a return, can I use Refund to Company to report the return?
Do I need to upload a receipt when I create a Refund to Company expense?
If I create a new Personal Card/Reimbursable expense, can I change it to a Refund to Company expense later?
I have administrator privileges in my company settings. Why can’t any of my delegate users see Company Settings when they log in to my account?
Can I assign an employee to be a delegate of more than one host?
Can a host employee who has delegates be a delegate for another host employee?
Do I have to sign out and back in to return to my TravelBank account?
If I have delegate access can I add a reimbursement bank account for another user?
Do only expenses created by forwarded receipts automatically pair with transactions?
Why didn't my expense automatically merge with my synced transaction?
Do the dates of my transactions and expenses need to match exactly?
I have two expenses of the same dollar amount; will they automatically pair?
Will my corporate card transaction automatically appear in the Expenses tab?
If I add my personal card to my TravelBank account, will transactions I charge for business automatically pair?
Why didn't my expense pair with my synced transaction?
If I accidentally merge the wrong expense to a transaction, can I unmerge the expense and transaction?
I've synced my personal card with TravelBank; where are my transactions?
When I sign in to the website, why can't I see an expense I added using my phone?
Why can't I itemize my expense?
Why can't I delete an expense?
Will my corporate card transaction automatically appear on the Expenses & Transactions page?
Why don't I see an option to itemize expense when I'm creating a new expense?
Why do some categories allow me to itemize expenses and others do not?
Can I email more than one receipt at a time to TravelBank?
Can I email PDF receipts to TravelBank?
How many images can I forward to TravelBank, and will they be converted into individual expenses?