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Expense management
Expense management

Learn how to manage your expenses with TravelBank

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Manage pending transactionsLearn about real-time authorization (RTA) pending transactions
View declined transactionsLearn how to view declined transactions
Learn about the Android My Cards pageLearn about the features of the My Cards page in the Android version of the TravelBank mobile app
Add a cardAdd a card in the My Cards section of the TravelBank mobile app
Attach multiple receipts to an expenseLearn how to attach multiple receipts to one expense
Add a bank account for reimbursementsLearn how to add a bank account for reimbursements, and what to do if you encounter a problem
Managing expenses user guideGet started with managing expenses using TravelBank
Why is my card declined?Learn why you may get a “card declined” message when using your US Bank card
Create and split expensesVideo: Learn how to create an expense with splits

Expenses & Transactions: Add, Merge and SubmitManage your expenses and corporate card transactions, assign them to an expense report and submit them for approval.
Expenses: Multi-Stop MileageYou can now accurately track your trips, even when they include multiple destinations.
Add comments to expense reportsLearn how to add comments to expense reports.
Expenses: Refund to CompanyIf you need to input a refund, or credit, learn how to do so here.
Quick guide: Managing and merging your corporate card transactionsA quick guide on how to manage your synced card transactions
Delegate User: Switching AccountsLearn how to switch to other accounts to which you have delegate access.
My CardsAdd credit cards and view Synced Transactions
My Cards: Synced Transactions - Pair, Assign or Delete an Expense on the mobile appIf you email your receipts to TravelBank, you may wish to pair them to your synced credit card transactions
Synced Transactions: Complete, Merge and SubmitGet your synced card transactions ready for submitting by completing them with a receipt, or by merging them with an expense.
Expenses: Repeat ExpenseLearn how to create and edit Repeat Expenses
Expense Report: Exporting as a PDFStay organized: keep a copy of your Expense Report saved as a PDF for your records
Expenses: Mobile AppWork on your Expenses while on the go with TravelBank's mobile app for iOS and Android
Expenses: Creating & Submitting Expense ReportsGet started creating, organizing and submitting Expense Reports
Expenses: About Line ItemsAdd and remove line-items from your Expenses
Expenses: MileageTrack mileage with Expenses
FAQ: Syncing Credit Card TransactionsLearn more about Synced Cards and U.S. Bank Instant Cards™ Synced Transactions
Simple Expense ReportsOrganize your expenses to fit your needs by creating custom-named expense reports.
Expenses & Transactions: Forwarding Email ReceiptsForward email receipts from your work or personal email address to TravelBank, and we'll convert them into expenses for you.
Mileage CalculationCreate a mileage expense to get reimbursed for travel
Credit Card SyncHow to assign credit card expenses to your report
Transaction Sync TimeframesLearn about timeframes and frequencies of transaction syncs
Expense & Transaction Quick OverviewWatch our brief video to acquaint yourself with Expenses & Transactions
Synced Transactions: Complete, Merge and SubmitWatch our brief video to acquaint yourself with completing, merging and submitting corporate card synced transactions.
Submit an Expense Report WalkthroughWatch our brief video to acquaint yourself with submitting your expense report.