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Travel: Flight Credits
Travel: Flight Credits
Check to see if you have any unused travel credits before you book your next trip.
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You can view your flight credits on both the "My Account" page as well as the "Travel" page. Flight credits are only valid on the airline for which you originally booked your flight, and can only be used by the original traveler.

You can check to see if you have any unused travel credits right from the Flights tab while on the Travel page:

This will allow you to see this information before you even begin to search for your flights. At this time travel credits can be redeemed by contacting TravelBank's travel support.

When you click "View Credit" you can see the flight credit details:

You may also view your flight credits on the My Account page, this information will be in a pane located below your loyalty programs:

When you're ready to book your flight, if you select the airline for which you have a flight credit, on the checkout page you can choose to apply your flight credit. Once you apply the flight credit you'll see your total reflect the flight credit, minus the difference.

On the righthand side of the screen choose "Add" above the cost breakdown:

Choose the flight credit you would like to apply to your booking:

Note: Flight credits can be applied up to 100% of the fare, if the credit exceeds the selected booking, then the difference is forfeit.

If you decide you do not want to use your flight credit, click "Remove" towards the upper righthand corner of the screen:

Frequently Asked Questions:

If an employee is out of office or has left the company, can I give their flight credit to another traveler?

Flight credits are specific to a traveler and cannot be transferred or gifted to another employee.

If I don't like the flight options can I use my credit on another airline?

Flight credits are airline-specific and can only be used on the airline for which the traveler originally booked their flight.

If my flight credit has a greater value than my flight, will I receive a refund?

Flight credits can be applied to your total, up to 100%, but any overage will not result in a refund.

Created: 09Dec2022
Updated: 16May2023

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