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Save time, add a Payment Method before you book travel or lodging

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This article explains how to add a payment method before you book travel or lodging through TravelBank.


This article applies to all TravelBank users.


To add a credit card to pay for travel purchased through travel bank, sign in and go to "My Account" located in the sidebar. Choose the "Payment Methods" tab (see Figure 1). If you need to update your Traveler Profile, learn more here.

Payment Methods tab of My Account page

Figure 1. Payment Methods tab

You can add most major credit cards to your account (see Figure 2) to purchase travel, such as flights, hotels, and cars, through TravelBank.

Add New Payment Method pop-up window, including sections for Credit Card Information and Billing Information

Figure 2. Add New Payment Method pop-up window

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If you need help, contact the TravelBank support team:

  • From the website or mobile app: Open the left navigation menu and select “Chat with us”.

Publish date: September 28, 2020

Last update: May 30, 2024

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