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Travel and rewards
Travel and rewards

Learn how to manage your travel with TravelBank

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Corporate travel user guideLearn how to get started with corporate travel using TravelBank
Book a flight, hotel, or carGet moving, book travel and lodging accommodations
Manage my traveler informationBefore you take your next trip, take some time to update your Traveler Profile
Understanding Sharing Booking PreferencesDuring checkout you have two options when sending booking confirmation, learn about them here.
Reward Redemption & Card ValuesUse the following table to determine fixed or variable reward values:
Add a payment methodSave time, add a Payment Method before you book travel or lodging
Travel SupportOur Travel Support is available 24/7
Expense IntegrationsUsing us for travel but have another expense provider? No worries, we got you covered.
Use Social Seating while booking a flightView whether other people from your company are on a flight, and, if so, where their selected seat is on the plane
View and use my flight creditsCheck to see whether you have any unused travel credits before you book your next trip
Cancel or modify my flightCancel or modify your flight through TravelBank
Redeem rewardsLearn how to use the points you’ve earned with TravelBank
Flight modifications frequently asked questionsFind answers for the questions you may have about your options and limitations when changing flights through TravelBank
Book a hotel and manage my stayBook a hotel through TravelBank
Request travel approvalLearn how to request approval for travel plans in the TravelBank platform