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Travel and rewards
Travel and rewards

Learn how to manage your travel with TravelBank

Flight modifications frequently asked questionsFind answers for the questions you may have about your options and limitations when changing flights through TravelBank
Why does a "Missing Traveler Information" pop-up window appear when I am booking travel?
Why is seat selection unavailable to me when I am booking my flight?
Why can't I apply a promo code to my hotel stay?
I paid for my rental car upfront; why is the rental car agency asking me for my credit card?
Why can't I use my loyalty number for car rentals?
What is the difference between Global Entry and TSA PreCheck?
Why is the card I added to my account not available for booking travel?
Do I have to re-add my card information every time I want to book travel?
If an employee is out of office or has left the company, can I give their flight credits to another traveler?
If I don't like the flight options available to me with my flight credits, can I use my credits on another airline?
If my flight credits have a greater value than a flight I book with my credits, will I receive a refund?
How long does it take to cancel a flight reservation?
When will I receive the refund for my canceled flight?
Can I give my TravelBank rewards as a gift?
How do TravelBank rewards work?
Why can't I redeem my TravelBank reward points for the reward I want?
What is the ratio of points to dollars for TravelBank rewards?
Do my TravelBank reward points expire?
How long does it take to cancel a refundable hotel reservation?
When will I receive my refund for a refundable hotel reservation?