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Save time, add a Payment Method before you book travel or lodging
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To add a credit card to pay for travel purchased through travel bank, sign in and go to "My Account" located in the sidebar. Choose the "Payment Methods" tab. If you need to update your Traveler Profile, learn more here.

You can add most major credit cards to your account to purchase travel such as flights, hotels, and cars, through TravelBank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the card I added not available to book travel?

If you added your card through "My Cards" the transactions will sync from your bank or financial institution, but the card details have not been added to your account to use for booking travel.

Do I have to add my card information every time I want to book travel?

Once you add your card either at checkout or to your account you can use it to book travel as long as the card information remains valid.

Created: 28Sep2020 11.06
Updated: 22Jun2021 08.56

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