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Expenses & Transactions: Forwarding Email Receipts
Expenses & Transactions: Forwarding Email Receipts

Forward email receipts from your work or personal email address to TravelBank, and we'll convert them into expenses for you.

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You can forward both PDF attachments and email receipts to TravelBank and we'll deliver them into your Inbox for you.

From your Company Email Address

If you are already set up on TravelBank, you simply need to forward the receipt from your business email address (the one attached to your TravelBank account) to

From your Personal Email Account

Maybe you have Uber linked up to your personal email account, or you order something on Amazon for business use. We understand that sometimes receipts incurred for business expenses are sent to your personal email.

Your personalized email address for sending receipts from your personal email inbox is based on your email address: "".

For example, if Taylor Brien received a receipt for a business expense that was sent to her personal email, she can still send it to TravelBank. (Let's assume Taylor's work email is To submit the expense to TravelBank, Taylor would forward the receipt from her personal email account to

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I forward more than one receipt at a time?

Email forwarding will create one expense per email, only forward one receipt at a time.

Can I email forward PDFs?

You can forward PDFs in, and an expense will be created. If you have more than one PDF, either create expenses for each and add the PDF, or you can forward each PDF separately.

How many images can I forward, will they be converted into individual expenses?

Email forwarding does not support images at this time, so if you forward one or more images, no expenses will be generated from that email.

Updated: 28Mar2023 09.16
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