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Synced Transactions: Complete, Merge and Submit
Synced Transactions: Complete, Merge and Submit

Get your synced card transactions ready for submitting by completing them with a receipt, or by merging them with an expense.

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When your card's transactions are synced to TravelBank, they can now be found on the Expenses & Transactions tab, located in the lefthand sidebar.

Use one of these 3 ways to add a receipt image to your synced card transactions.

Add the receipt image directly to the synced transaction, first select the transaction:

Then you may either select your receipt image from your files, or you can drag and drop the receipt image:

Create a manual expense and then merge it to the synced transaction.

From the Expenses & Transactions page you can check the box next to the Expense you want to merge, and then click "Merge" located at the bottom lefthand corner of the screen:

The dialogue box will appear and you can then select the transaction to which you want to merge your expense.

Additionally, you may also check the boxes next to the expense and transaction you want to merge, and then choose "Merge" from the action menu located in the lower lefthand corner.

Take a picture of your receipt, then use the share menu to send the image to TravelBank.

Select the item, and then tap the share icon located in the bottom lefthand corner:

Once you tap share, from the share menu you can then tap on the TravelBank icon:

Tap "Add" at the bottom of the screen and your image will be added as an expense.

You can move expenses to an expense report by choosing it from the "Assign to Report" dropdown menu:

You may also select the box next to the expense or expenses, and then submit them:

Once you choose submit, you can then title your expense report:

Clicking submit will then send the report through your company's approval flow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I accidentally merge the wrong expense to a transaction can I unmerge them?

While you cannot unmerge transactions, merging transactions essentially adds the receipt image to the synced transaction. If you still have your receipt, you can add it directly to the correct synced transaction.

I sync my personal card with TravelBank, where are the transactions?

Transactions for personal synced cards can be found on the "My Cards" page.

Created: 28Oct2022 11.38
FAQ added: 03Nov2022 16.04

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