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Get moving, book travel and lodging accommodations

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Start by confirming you have a card added to your account for payment, ensure the information is accurate, or add one now if you haven't done so already. If your company has a corporate card used for purchasing travel through TravelBank, you'll see that card on the Payment Methods tab, and also in the Payment Method pane on the checkout page.

Once you've done this now is a good time to update or complete your Traveler Information.

If you need to cancel your travel reservation, learn how to do so here.

Choose Travel in the sidebar to get started:


Once you've selected the airport you're flying from and to, and input the dates and the number of travelers, choose "Search Flights". If you have an unused travel credit, learn more about that here.

If your company has a travel policy, you'll be advised of it. A travel policy can affect both rates and days advance required to book travel without needing any additional manager approval.

In the Traveler Information field, choose your traveler, or add one if you are booking on behalf of another.

If your booking is outside of company policy, you'll see the reason above the request approval button.

If you want to review or choose your seat, before you book your flight scroll down and review your seat selection options.

If you have not added a payment method to your account, you'll be asked to do so prior to booking your flight.

It is important to note that seat selections are not guaranteed until booking is confirmed by your airline. Consult your airline as they may reserve the right to update your seat assignment as well.


Choose your destination lodging dates.

Choose "View Rooms" at your desired hotel location.

Scroll through the listing, and choose "Select Room" or at the bottom choose "See All Rooms" to view more offerings.

In the Traveler Information field, choose your traveler, or add one if you are booking on behalf of another.

If you have a promo code you can apply it before you book the room by expanding the dropdown in "Apply Promo Code".

Note that promo codes can only be applied to pay-now bookings, if the payment is collected at the hotel, the booking does not qualify to have a promo code applied to the stay.


On the Cars tab input the pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the pick-up and drop-off dates and times. You may also filter your results by rental car agency as well as car type.

At the top of the listing you can refine your search to specific agencies and or car types.

In the Traveler Information field, choose your traveler, and you can then reserve your car.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why am I receiving a "Missing Traveler Information" popup?

Even if you completed Traveler Information creation at the beginning of this process, ensure you have selected the traveler in the dropdown menu to the left of the booking or request approval button.

Why is seat selection unavailable to me?

Seat selection may be unavailable to you if your travel request requires manager approval.

Why can't I apply a promo code to my hotel stay?

Promo codes can only be used with pre-paid hotel stays, if the lodging you are considering is post-pay, then a promo code is not eligible for use.

I paid for my car up-front, why is the rental car agency asking me for my credit card?

Often times a rental car agency will ask for the original credit card so they can place a hold, this tends to do with their car rental policy, and is done in addition to any insurance you or they have supplied.

Why can't I use my loyalty number for car rentals?

If your company has added a billing code for any specific car rental agencies this applies a company wide loyalty code to all reservations from that agency, your personal program cannot be used to further affect the final price. You can check the "Cars" tab of the "Loyalty Programs" page of under your Traveler Information to see which codes cannot be combined with the codes in use by your company.

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