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Learn how to use the points you’ve earned with TravelBank

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This article is part of the Commercial Rewards Card free plan guide or Commercial Rewards Card paid plan guide, or both. You can navigate back to each guide with the previous links and take the next onboarding steps.


This article explains how to redeem your TravelBank rewards points and what you can redeem your TravelBank rewards points for.


This article applies to all users with access to TravelBank travel management. We also have an article for administrators about how to turn rewards on or off and adjust reward rates.

Access rewards

Take the following steps to access your rewards from the TravelBank website or your mobile device.

From the TravelBank website

After signing in, click on "Rewards" in the sidebar.

On the tile for the reward you want, there is either a dropdown list of values, or for some you can enter a specific amounts as long as they fall within the available range. Learn more about the denominations of gift cards here.

From your mobile device

Tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner > tap "Rewards" > tap "Redeem Points"

From the popup menu you can tap on the reward tile for which you wish to redeem your points.

Available rewards

You can redeem your rewards with the following vendors:

  • Airbnb

  • AMC Theatres

  • Audible

  • Charity On Top

  • Doordash

  • Hulu

  • Panera Bread

  • Spa & Wellness

  • Stubhub

  • Uber/Uber Eats*
    *The Uber gift card you redeem your points for can be used for both Uber as well as Uber Eats.

Frequently asked questions

Can I give my rewards as a gift?

You can gift your rewards at time of redemption. After choosing "Redeem", click "Redeem as Gift". Some important things to remember: gift cards are like cash, so double check the email address before you complete your redemption. Once the selection is made it is final.

How do the rewards work?

Some rewards options are available in variable amounts, whereas other rewards are only available in 3 - 4 fixed increments. Find out more here.

What is the ratio of points to dollars?

Rewards points convert to United States Dollars at a rate of 100:1, so for every 100 points you accrue, that will translate into 1 United States Dollar.

Why can't I redeem my points for the reward I want?

When you redeem your points for rewards remember to allocate 250 points for the process itself. So, if you were looking to redeem 10,000 points for $100 gift card, you would need 10,250 points to do so.

Do my points expire?

Yes, TravelBank points will expire if you do not earn or redeem points within 18 months. You can always check the current expiration date of your rewards in the Rewards store below your total point value.*

*At this time points will not expire due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Need help?

If you are unable to redeem your rewards or have additional questions, contact the TravelBank support team:

  • From the website or mobile app: Open the left navigation menu and select “Chat with us”.

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Last update: April 20, 2024

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