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Learn about the different user roles in the Employee Directory, and how they affect travel and expense policies.

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In Company Settings > Employees > Employee Directory

In the Employee Directory, admins can add new users and departments as well as assign managers, expense and travel policies. The typical flow for travel approval is that requests that are outside of the company's travel policy must be approved by the traveling employee's manager, unless they are not assigned a manager, or if the manager has not yet activated their account, then those requests are sent to all active admins.

Employees are divided into the following user roles:


Advanced Permissions:




Approves travel requests, can approve expense reports (depending on expense policy approval rules)


Approves expense reports, often provides final approval of expense reports (may approve reimbursements depending on company settings)


Admins add and remove users, set managers as well as additional permission levels, set travel and expense policies

Admins can reassign users to different managers for travel and expense approval purposes. Learn more about employee management in the "Edit Employee" section of the Employee Directory article.

They can also setup delegate users to perform approvals on behalf of a manager, or if they need someone to fill in while a user who would normally approve requests is out of the office. Learn more about switching to a delegate user here.

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