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Use the Employee Directory to add and edit employees in TravelBank

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This document explains how to use the Employee Directory to add and edit employees in TravelBank.


This article is directed toward administrators with a free TravelBank expense and travel management account.   


When adding employees for your organization, you can add them individually or in bulk. This article describes how to do both.

To complete the tasks described in this article, navigate to the Employees page:

Select from the left navigation menu “Company Settings” then “Employees” > “Employee Directory”.

Note: When adding employees for your organization, you can add them individually or in bulk.

Add employees individually

To add employees individually, take the following steps:

  1. Select "Add Employee" in the top-right corner to the right of the search bar. This brings up an “Add Employee” pop-up window.

  2. Enter the employee’s information.

  3. Select “Send Invite” to add the employee.

Invite employees

If you have already added employees to your organization during the Commercial Rewards Card program application process, you still need to “invite” them to join. To invite an employee that you have already added to your organization, take the following steps:

Locate the employee record for the employee you want to invite, then select the blue pencil icon at the far-right of the row (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. The blue pencil icon, outlined for emphasis, located at the far-right of each row/employee record

Figure 1. Edit icon to make changes to an existing employee record

This brings up a pop-up window with the employee’s information.

Select “Send invite”.

Note: If an invite has already been sent to an employee, the invite button text shows as “Resend invite”.

Complete a bulk import of employees

To get started with importing a list of employees for your organization, download the TravelBank employee .csv template. We recommend keeping a local copy of this file, and then adding and removing employees from it. Then later when you import the file, you can streamline the process, implementing several changes with fewer steps.

As a Commercial Rewards Card customer, you have one default department, travel policy, and expense policy, so you can leave those columns empty, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Example .csv file with four employee records; the department(s), expense policy, and travel policy columns are left blank

Figure 2. Example .csv file of employee information

“General” is the default Primary Department assigned to each employee. To add additional departments and assign employees to multiple departments, upgrade your account.

Note: The .csv template includes columns related to employee roles. Review our “Employee Directory: Users” article for information on user roles.

Import employees

Review the “Importing users through CSV” article for instructions on this task.

Figure 3 is an example of how the .csv file information uploads to TravelBank.

Figure 3. Employees page showing four employee records, three of which have “invite sent” as their status because they need to accept the TravelBank invitation

Figure 3. Example of employee records uploaded from the .csv template

Remove employees

If you need to remove employees that are already in TravelBank's system, remove them from your .csv file before you upload it, and check the "Deactivate Excluded Users” checkbox. Once you upload your file, the Employee Directory prompts you with the changes read from the file. You can choose to accept the changes, or you can cancel them if you need to modify your .csv file before you complete your import.

Remove an individual employee

To remove an individual employee in the TravelBank system, take the following steps:

  1. From the left navigation menu, select “Company Settings” > “Employees” > “Employee Directory”.

  2. Locate the employee record for the employee you want to remove, then select the blue pencil icon at the far-right of the row. This brings up a pop-up window with the employee’s information.

  3. Select “Terminate”. This brings up a confirmation message.

  4. Select “Terminate” again to confirm your selection.

"Block Automatically Joining" field

The "Block Automatically Joining" field allows you to manage whether users within your organization can automatically join the organization when they sign up for a TravelBank account using the email address with your organization’s domain.

Figure 4. Company Settings, Employees, Employee Directory page. The Block Automatically Joining field is at the bottom of the page and is outlined for emphasis.

Figure 4. "Block Automatically Joining" field

When the setting is turned off:

The employee is not blocked from automatically joining and can join your organization (that is, be added to the list of employees on your Employees page) by just signing up at

When the setting is turned on:

The employee is blocked from automatically joining, and when the user goes through the sign-up flow, the following error message appears.

Figure 5. Create Account screen with an error message at the bottom reading: Self sign up is not enabled. Please have your organization send an invite to register.

Figure 5. "Block Automatically Joining" field error message

Edit an employee record

To make changes to an existing employee record, locate the employee record you want to change, then select the blue pencil icon at the far-right of the row (see Figure 1). This brings up a pop-up window with several fields of information related to the employee.

Note: If you need to update multiple employees' email addresses, you can do so using a .csv import, as described in the “Import employees” section of this article. If you only need to correct an individual email address, contact support. Provide the email address as it is, and then what it should be; support will contact you once the process has been completed.

General is the default department assigned. You can edit this and add the employee to one or more departments (up to 20) by checking the box next to the department in the dropdown menu (see Figure 6).

Figure 6. Department field, several department option checkboxes are checked to assign an employee to multiple departments

Figure 6. Department assignments check list

Before you can assign a manager to an employee in the Edit Employee pop-up window, the manager must accept the invitation to TravelBank. Once the manager accepts the invitation, you can assign the employee to the manager by typing the manager’s name into the “Manager” search field, as shown in the following Figure 7.

Figure 7. The Edit Employee pop-up window with a name typed in to the “Manager” search bar

Figure 7. Edit Employee pop-up window

To assign Admin or Finance privileges, choose the options in the “Advanced Permissions” field.

Note: “Finance Approver Departments” and "Finance Approver for Entire Organization" do not appear if Finance permissions are not selected.

If an employee is assigned to multiple departments, assigning them to a "Primary Department" will make it so that whenever they create a new expense, the department will default to what is set as their primary department.

Note: If you assign more than 20 departments to an employee, the following error message appears:

Figure 8. Review CSV Import error message

When you’ve finished making any needed changes to the employee’s information, select “Save” in the lower-right corner of the window.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between "Admin" and "Finance"?

Finance permissions will allow an employee to approve expense reports but will not allow them to access Company Settings, which can only be accessed by admin permissions.

How do I assign manager permissions?

In the TravelBank system "manager" is not assigned as a permission; rather you assign a manager to an employee when you import the CSV or edit the employee profile.

Do managers have access to Company Settings?

To give a manager access to Company Settings, open their employee profile, check the box next to Admin, and select “Save” and then “Save” again to close out the “Edit Employee” pop-up window.

Need help?

If you need help, contact the TravelBank support team:

  • From the website or mobile app: Open the left navigation menu and select “Chat with us”.

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Last update: April 20, 2024

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