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My Account: Traveler Information
My Account: Traveler Information
Before you take your next trip, take some time to update your Traveler Profile
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Create, update and maintain your traveler information. It's helpful to keep your traveler information current, if your passport number has changed, or if you need to add a global entry number, you can ensure that your next booking has all of the latest information. Add your loyalty numbers for added benefits, when applicable.

Adding or editing your Traveler Information

To add your Traveler Information, choose "My Account" and then under the "Traveler Profile" tab choose "Add" to create your Traveler, or edit if you need to modify any information, such as your passport number, or global entry. Ensure that your traveler information reflects the identification you use during your travel. If you need to add any Payment Methods click here.

On this tab you can click "edit" and input your Known Traveler Number for TSA pre-check, or Global Entry. Additionally, if you're going to be traveling internationally you input your passport information here as well.

Loyalty Programs

After you add your Traveler Information, at the bottom of the page input any of your loyalty programs. The left tab is for airline programs, clicking on "Hotel Loyalty Programs" switches you to that program's tab.

Clicking "edit" next to the programs allows you to make changes, if you need to correct a selection or update the reward number. From the edit menu you can also choose "remove" if you no longer user that program.

Note: If your company has a loyalty code for car rental agencies, you cannot use your loyalty number in addition to their loyalty code. If they have a company code you will see a message along with a note next to the applicable loyalty program.

Please be advised when booking hotels in our app, if you see the “Hotel Loyalty Rewards” indicator on the room details, it means you may add your loyalty membership number. Otherwise, the majority of the pre-paid contract room rates do not honor the rewards program.

You may still try and submit your loyalty number upon check in, however, there is no guarantee that they will reward your points. You may still try and submit your loyalty number upon check in, however, there is no guarantee that they will reward your points.

Global Entry and TSA preCheck

The main difference is Global Entry aka KTN is better for international travelers. While TSA PreCheck allows for expedited security screening benefits for flights departing from U.S. airports.

Global Entry simplifies customs procedures for travelers leaving and entering the U.S. both to & from abroad.

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