Connect your bank account to pay your Commercial Rewards card

Link your Commercial Rewards account with your bank

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This article describes how to link your Commercial Rewards account with your bank so you can make payments on your Commercial Rewards card.


This article applies to Commercial Rewards customers.


In order to make payments on your Commercial Rewards card, you need to first connect and verify a bank account. To do this, use our trusted partner, Plaid, to securely request your online banking information. Plaid is a secure service that verifies your bank account information.

  1. Sign in to your account, and in the left sidebar select “Manage” > “Payments”.

  2. Select “Add Payment Account”. This brings up a workflow (shown in Figure 1) to use Plaid to connect your account.

  3. To start the workflow, select "Continue".

  4. At this point you can link your bank account by selecting either “Instant” (recommended) or “Manual”. (Note: To see a full demo of how Plaid verifies your bank account information, go to; in the “product” field, select “Auth”; check the “Enable Auth Type Select” box; and select “Launch Demo”.)

Plaid workflow window showing information about how Plaid connects your financial accounts and protects your data

Figure 1. Plaid workflow window

Instant link (recommended)

Note: Selecting “Instant” links your account more quickly (that is, instantly) than selecting “Manual”. Instant linking is secured through your bank, and Plaid does not receive any information (such as your bank username or password) during linking.

If you choose to add your account instantly, follow the workflow prompts to:

  • select your financial institution,

  • select the type of account you want to link,

  • log in to your bank with your regular username and password, and

  • select the specific account you want to link.

When you complete the workflow, it automatically redirects you back to the Manage > Payments page.

By logging in to your bank account, you have verified the account. No additional verification is needed; your accounts are now linked and you are ready to make a payment on your Commercial Rewards card.

Manual link

If you prefer to link your accounts manually, or if your financial institution is not supported, select “Manual” and follow the prompts to:

  • enter your routing number, account number, and name;

  • select your account type; and

  • authorize a $0.01 deposit for secure verification.

When you complete the workflow, it automatically redirects you back to the Manage > Payments page.

Because you entered your bank information manually, you need to also verify the deposit you authorized. It typically takes 1 to 2 days to receive the deposit.

Allow your financial institution time to process the deposit, and in the next few days, check your online banking for the $0.01 deposit (shown in Figure 2). (Be aware that most major financial institutions may not deposit funds over weekends or bank holidays.)

How the transaction details may appear for the required $0.01 deposit to verify your bank account

Figure 2. An example of how a financial institution may display your deposit

Note: The layout may vary based on how your financial institution displays transaction details.

However your deposit is displayed, it should show a 3-letter code (only letters and no spaces) after a # symbol. Make note of this code, and use it to manually verify your account.

Troubleshooting: What if I never received the $0.01 verification deposit?

Check with your bank or credit union to verify you have the correct routing/transit number to receive electronic deposits. If you are unsure about what number you should use for your routing number, check your bank’s website, as they typically include this information. If you don't know what number to use for your account number, consult your bank. Once you have confirmed, remove the account by taking the steps described in the “Remove an account” section of this article and then re-add the account with the correct numbers.

Manually verify

  1. Go to “Manage” > “Payments” > “Payment Accounts” tab. There should be a new payment account with the options to “Verify” or “Remove”.

  2. Verify your account by selecting “Verify” as shown in the following Figure 3.

  3. This brings up a Plaid window asking you for the 3-letter code associated with the deposit you authorized. Enter the code and select “Continue”.

Payments page with the Verify button outlined for emphasis

Figure 3. Verify your manually linked bank account

Remove an account

If for any reason you need to remove an account that you have linked, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account, and in the left sidebar select “Manage” > “Payments” > “Payment Accounts” tab. This shows all of your linked accounts.

  2. Select “Remove” for the account that you want to remove.

  3. Confirm your selection.

Get additional support

If you have any other issues with connecting your bank account, contact the TravelBank support team at

Publish date: October 19, 2023

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