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This article is part of the Commercial Rewards Card free plan guide or Commercial Rewards Card paid plan guide, or both. You can navigate back to each guide with the previous links and take the next onboarding steps.

Use this guide to setup and start using your TravelBank account. Some organizations may use only travel or expenses. The content has been divided into both categories, and if your organization uses both, then all sections may apply.

If your organization doesn't use TravelBank for travel you can skip sections pertaining to setting up traveler information and loyalty programs.



Expense Management

Activate Your Card

If you've received a physical card, call the number on the back of the card to activate it. If you do not activate your card first, your transactions will be declined.

Activating Your Account

Start by checking your email inbox for an invitation to join. Typically the email will be sent to your work email address.

Below the message indicating that your team has invited you, you'll find a blue "Activate Account" button. Clicking this will redirect you to complete your profile. Input your name, create a password, and add your phone number.

Adding Traveler Information

If you're going to be traveling for business, now is a good time to add your traveler information, as well as any loyalty programs you may have.

Click "Add" in the "Traveler Information" pane.

You may also add your Known Traveler Number (KTN) or your Global Entry number, both numbers are entered into the same field, so if you have a Global Entry number, use that to supersede your KTN.

Note: you can add your loyalty programs such as frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty as well as car rental programs after you have created your traveler.

Adding Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are organized in tabs, and are visible once your traveler information has been saved.

Note: you can add your loyalty programs such as frequent flyer programs, hotel loyalty as well as car rental programs after you have created your traveler

Please be advised when booking hotels in our app, if you see the “Hotel Loyalty Rewards” indicator on the room details, it means you may add your loyalty membership number. Otherwise, the majority of the pre-paid contract room rates do not honor the rewards program.

You may still try and submit your loyalty number upon check in, however, there is no guarantee that they will reward your points. You may still try and submit your loyalty number upon check in, however, there is no guarantee that they will reward your points.

Adding Payment Methods

Once you've activated your Commercial Rewards Card, choose the Payment Methods tab on the My Account page:

Input the required card information and then choose "Save".

Adding a Reimbursement Account

If your company plans on reimbursing you for any purchases you make using a personal credit or debit card, you can add your reimbursement bank account under the "Expense Management" tab:

Choose "Add" to link either a checking or savings account for electronic deposits of your reimbursements.

You can also learn more about setting up your reimbursement account here.

View Card and Transaction History

Click My Cards in the lefthand sidebar, here you can view the last 4 digits of the card, the card's spend limit, spend for the month, the card's status (active/inactive) as well as tags, such as corporate, physical, virtual.

Clicking on the card's row you can view additional card details, including the expiration date and billing address.

If you need to increase your card credit limit, contact your company program administrator.

View Transactions

Choosing "view transactions" will take you to the "Expenses & Transactions" page, which you can also get to by choosing this option in the lefthand sidebar. On this page you can view a list of the card's recent transactions.

Note: Transactions will only appear in TravelBank once they have posted to the card's transaction history, pending transactions will not appear.

Declined Transactions

If a transaction is declined, call the number on the back of your card for assistance. The Customer Service representative can assist in some cases and in other cases will direct you to your company program administrator for assistance, such as for credit limit changes, unblocking of merchants or other issues.

Missing Transactions

Please allow 2-4 days for transactions to post. Only posted transactions will sync to TravelBank, check to ensure the transaction has posted, if it has, and it did not sync to TravelBank after the given timeframe, chat with TravelBank support, or send an email to: "". If possible, please include details which may aid in locating any missing transactions, such as card holder name, date, dollar amount, and merchant name of the transaction.

Managing Expenses

If your organization uses TravelBank for expense management, see the Managing Expenses User Guide for steps on how to add receipts, select expense categories and to create and submit expense reports for approval.

You can also view a list of your transactions by clicking My Cards on the left menu. Then click the Past & Personal Transactions tab. This screen provides a list of transactions for all your cards.

  • You can select one or more cards from the View menu at the top left side of the screen to filter the list to display transactions for only the selected cards.

  • You can enter a date range to filter the transactions by date.

Add New Card

To add a personal card to your profile, navigate to My Cards on the left menu and click Add New Card. Then follow the screen prompts to add your card to the list. Contact your program administrator if you need a new corporate card. Only program administrators can create new corporate cards.

Report Damaged, Lost, Stolen or Fraud

Damaged: If you need a new card because your existing card is damaged, please contact customer service via chat or by emailing

Lost/Stolen/Fraud: If a card has been lost, stolen or has fraudulent charges please contact 800.344.5696 to report the activity, verify transactions on the account and have a new card issued.

Continued Reading

Find additional links for a more in-depth look at expense management and travel features as they pertain to your company's selected options.

Expense Management

If your organization uses TravelBank for Expense Management, here are some additional resources that you can review.

⚠️ Important Information about Expense Management for All Card Programs!

Cardholders will receive automated emails from TravelBank about Expense Management. These emails cannot be turned off. The emails helpfully remind you to look at your transactions to ensure that you made all the transactions and that there are no fraudulent transactions on the account.

Transactions link to an expense report in TravelBank. You cannot turn off the expense report part of the system. If you are not using Expense Management, you do not need to create expense reports for your transactions.

If you do create an expense report, it will be routed to an approver if an approver for your user profile is listed in the Employee Directory.

Booking Travel

If your organization books travel via TravelBank, here are some additional resources that you can review.

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