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Work on your Expenses while on the go with TravelBank's mobile app for iOS and Android

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If you haven't already downloaded the TravelBank app, you can find it on iOS in the App Store, or on Android find it in the Google Play Store.

After you install the app, the first time you launch it you will be prompted to sign into your TravelBank account. When signing in, ensure that you are using your work email address.

If you use Transaction Sync to sync your credit card transactions to TravelBank, and you need to pair Expenses, click here.

After you sign in you will see the Expenses page. Here you can view any existing expenses, or create a new expense

Tapping on the "+" in the upper righthand corner will give you option to create Expenses three different ways, or cancel.

Note: if you create a mileage, you will need to enter addresses (start and end). Milage Expenses cannot be converted to Expenses after they have been created.

If you choose "Photo Receipt" TravelBank" will need permission to access your camera. You can then take a picture of your receipt and create your Expense.

Choosing "Manual Expense" allows you to input all the details first. If you need to add a receipt image from your camera roll, tap the picture icon to the right of "Merchant". You may need to allow TravelBank access to your camera roll.

Scrolling further down you can assign the Expense to "General Expense" which will leave them on the Expense page, or you can assign them to an existing Expense Report.

If you email your receipts to TravelBank by forwarding them from your TravelBank login email address to "receipts@travelbank.com", they will appear on the Expenses page.

To merge a Synced Transaction with an existing Expense, tap on the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner. (The menu icon is three horizontal lines.)

Choose "My Cards" from the sidebar.

In "My Cards" tap the "Synced Transactions" tab along the top.

When you have chosen the Synced Transactions tab, you will see checkboxes to the left of the transactions.

Tap on the transaction, the action menu will appear along the bottom of the screen.

Tapping "Assign" allows you to assign the Synced Transaction to an Expense Report, or to "General Expenses". (Which means they will appear on the Expenses page.)

Tapping "Pair" allows you to merge the Synced Transaction with an existing Expense.

Tap "Select" under the Expense you would like to pair the Synced Transaction with.

After you've added all the Expenses to your Expense Report, you can submit the report by tapping on the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner, then choose "Reports", tap on the Expense Report you want to submit.

Tap "Submit" and the report is sent to your manager or admin for approval.

If your company uses TravelBank for reimbursements, ensure you have setup a reimbursement bank account, you can learn how to do so here.

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