If your company handles reimbursements through TravelBank, here are some things you should do before you submit your first Expense Report. You can learn more about when you can anticipate your reimbursement to be deposited by reading about reimbursement timeframes here.

After you sign into your account, in the sidebar:

My Account > Expense Management > Add

From the "Add Reimbursement Account" pop-up menu, fill out the following:

Bank Institution Name

Routing Number

Account Number & Confirm Account Number

Account Type.

The bank institution field is for your reference. Ensure you are using the correct routing/ABA for your region and deposit type. Some institutions use different routing/ABA numbers, so if you are unsure check with your bank about which number to use here.

Carefully confirm the digits of your account number. Check with your bank if you are uncertain. Some financial institutions will have member numbers which cannot be used as deposit account numbers. Some credit unions use a suffix to differentiate checking and savings accounts, be mindful of this when you key the account number.

Choose the correct account type. An incorrect account type may result in your bank returning your deposit, so ensure you choose the account type which matches the account number you plan to use.

When you click "Add" your account will be added to your profile so that your reimbursements can be deposited in your bank account. If any of the fields are left blank or not selected you will see red boxes directing you to correct an error.

While the account number fields must match, once they match this does not verify if your account number is accurate, double check your account number before you click "Add".

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email stating that I was reimbursed, why can't I find my deposit?

If you have more than one bank account you can see which bank account you've added to your TravelBank account for reimbursements. Sign in, and on the My Account page, check under the "Expense Management" tab. When you're reviewing your account activity, look for a deposit from "Travelator, Inc.", if you updated your account recently, we may not have been able to deposit your reimbursement. Contact support for help getting your reimbursement redeposited.

Can I use my debit card as my account number?

Most often you should not. Using your debit card number rather than your checking or savings account number will usually result in your deposit being returned by your bank or credit union. If you aren't sure what number to use, we suggest that you contact your financial institution for help first.

What do I do if I didn't add my bank account before my Expense Report was approved?

Even if you add your account after your report was approved contact support so that your reimbursement can be deposited in your account.

Why was my deposit returned?

Deposits can be returned for many reasons, the most common are incorrect routing/transit (ABA) numbers and account numbers themselves. Some financial institutions will have member numbers, and while you may use these to log into services, they are not used as deposit accounts. Some credit unions use a suffix to differentiate a checking account from a savings account. If you have concerns about what number you should use for your routing number your bank will typically have this on their website. If you don't know what number to use for your account number, consult your bank so that you never miss a reimbursement.

If I submit an Expense Report but want to have the money deposited in a different account, can I choose where the reimbursement will go?

Plan ahead and change your reimbursement account on your profile no fewer than 3 business days in advance. Take into consideration weekends and holidays.

I submitted my report, why haven't I been reimbursed yet?

Reimbursements are done based upon the reimbursement schedule your company's admin has chosen, you may consult your admin if you need clarification about the the schedule your company uses. Also, take into consideration bank processing times which are affected by holidays and weekends.

Check your Expense Management settings. Ensure that you have entered all the information, such as bank name, and that everything is correct.

I received an automated email that I was missing my bank account. I added it, why haven't I been reimbursed yet?

Reimbursements are paid out based upon your company's reimbursement schedule. Some are monthly, or semi-monthly. You may check with your manager or an admin regarding your company's reimbursement schedule.

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