When you first get started in the Employee Directory you may want to download our employee CSV template first. We recommend keeping a local copy of this file, and then you can add and remove employees from it, and later when you import the file, you can streamline the process, implementing many changes in a few time-saving clicks.

Starting from the sidebar:

Company Settings > Employees > Employee Directory

If you haven't already downloaded the CSV template we suggest you do so now.

Once you've completed your CSV file, choose "Import" in the righthand corner, next to the search window.

If you need to deactivate users that are already in TravelBank's system, simply remove them from your CSV before you upload it, and check the box to the left of "Deactivate Excluded Users". Once you upload your file the Employee Directory will prompt you with the changes read from the file. You can choose to accept the changes, or you can cancel them if you need to modify your CSV before you complete your import.

You can also add employees or departments one at a time by choosing "Add":

To make changes to an existing record, choose the blue pencil icon, located to the far right of the employee record you wish to update. In the pop-up window you can edit the following fields:

Note: If you need to update multiple employees email addresses, you can do so via a CSV import. If you only need to correct an email address contact support. Provide the email address as it is, and then what it should be, you'll receive a reply once the process has been completed.

General is the default department assigned. You can edit this and add the employee to one or more departments, check the box next to the department in the dropdown menu.

Before you can assign a manager to an employee the person acting as the manager must accept the invitation to TravelBank, once done you can assign the employee to the manager by editing their profile, and typing the manager name into the search field.

To assign Admin or Finance privileges choose the options in the dropdown menu. Note: Finance Approver Departments and "Finance Approver for Entire Organization" will not appear if Finance permissions are not selected.

Choose the blue save button in the lower righthand corner to complete your adjustments and dismiss the pop-up window.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the difference between "Admin" and "Finance"?

Finance permissions will allow an employee to approve Expense Reports, but will not allow them to access Company Settings, which can only be accessed by Admin permissions.

How do I assign manager permissions?

In the TravelBank system "manager" is not assigned as a permission, rather you assign a manager to an employee when you import the CSV or edit the employee profile.

Do managers have access to Company Settings?

To give a manager access to Company Settings, edit their employee profile, and check the box next to Admin, click the blue save button in the dropdown menu, and then save the employee profile to dismiss the pop-up window.

Created: 25May2021 13.29
Updated: 22Jun2021 09.02

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