Expense Reports: approving, editing and returning

Learn how to make changes or send reports back to the employee who submitted them.

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Use this guide to review, edit, return or approve Expense Reports submitted by employees.

If you need someone to be able to approve reports on your behalf setup a delegate user.

Sign into "app.travelbank.com", in the sidebar on the lefthand side choose the "Manage" tab.

On the manage tab you will see submitted reports pending your approval.

Clicking on the report will show you each expense the employee has included in the report. You can return the report by clicking "Return" to the left of "Approve".

The Options drop-down menu to the right will allow you to add milage or an expense if need-be. You can generate a PDF if you'd like to keep a digital copy of the report.

Editing the report will allow you change the name of the report. If the employee is assigned to more than one department, you can change the department designation here as well.

Note: you cannot edit any of the expenses in the report from this menu. To edit individual expenses, click on them in the Expenses column.

When you click on an expense you have the ability to adjust all the attributes that have been filled into the fields.

If you need to itemize an expense, after clicking on it, choose "Itemize Expense". You'll notice that the transaction will automatically be balanced for you so that you can allocate for the total sum of the expense during the itemization process.

To add or change a receipt image, click on the receipt image in the righthand pane:

Once you approve the report, if you have multi-level approval, the report will be sent off to the next stage in the approval process.

If you use TravelBank to reimburse your employees, they may have questions about when they can expect to see their deposits, find out more about reimbursements here.

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