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Add and remove line-items from your Expenses

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Sometimes you may need to itemize your Expenses so that they can be more accurately reported, once you've started your Expense choose "Itemize Expense".

You can add more than one line item:

Notice that you need to account for the total sum of your expense, so if you've missed something you will see the difference below the amount in red.

If you added a line item and decided you didn't need one, or if you added too many, click "Delete Line Item" in red, and the item is removed from your expense.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't I see "Itemize Expense"?

Itemized Expenses need to be enabled. If you feel that they should be enabled, ask your admin about enabling Itemized Expenses.

Why do some categories allow me to itemize expenses and others do not?

Itemized Expenses need to be enabled for the category you are using, since they are category-specific it is possible that they are enabled for some and not for others. Consult your admin to see additional categories should allow for line itemization.

Created: 17Mar2021 14.51

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