Add a bank account for reimbursements

Learn how to add a bank account for reimbursements, and what to do if you encounter a problem

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This article describes how you can add a bank account for reimbursements.


This article applies to all TravelBank users.


If your company uses TravelBank for expense management and has reimbursements enabled, here are some things you should do before you submit your first expense report. You can learn more about when you can anticipate your reimbursement to be deposited by reading about reimbursement time frames.

  1. Sign in to your account, and in the sidebar go to My Account > Expense Management > Add.

    This image shows the My Account page, where you can add a reimbursement bank account.
  2. On the Expense Management tab choose "Add" in the Add a Reimbursement Account pane.

Clicking "Add" will launch Plaid and you can then choose how you'd like to link your bank account.

Click "Continue" and then follow the prompts, you can choose to either add your bank account immediately, and securely by signing in via Plaid, or you may choose to manually add your account, if you prefer, or if your financial institution is not supported.

Using Plaid to link your bank account

When you choose continue Plaid will display two options for linking your bank account

  1. Instant (Securely sign into your bank)

  2. Manual (Enter your routing and account number, process takes 1-2 business days)

If you choose to add your account instantly, on the next page you'll select your financial institution.

Continuing from here will take you to your financial institution's login.

If your financial institution is not supported by Plaid, or if you'd like to input your account information manually Plaid will request authorization to make a one cent deposit. When you view the deposit it will have a 3 letter verification code which is listed after the "#" symbol.

Once you have authorized the deposit, check your online banking in the next few days for a one cent deposit. Allow your financial institution time to process the deposit, note that most major financial institutions may not deposit funds over weekends or bank holidays.

An example of how your financial institution may display your deposit:

Note: the layout may vary based on how your financial institution displays transaction details. Find the 3 letter code after the "#" symbol.

Once you've obtained your verification codes, visit the "Expense Management" tab on the My Account page, and choose "Verify".

Input the 3 digit code from your deposit and choose "Continue". Note: the code is only letters and contains no spaces.

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