Corporate Card Sync

Learn how to setup a Business Credit Card sync, or request a Corporate Credit Card sync.

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When you sync your corporate credit cards with TravelBank you can easily select and assign transactions to an Expense Report. Admins can then view whether or not transactions have been assigned to an expense report.

Below you will learn more about how transactions synchronize from your bank or card issuer to TravelBank via Corporate Card Sync.

Business Credit Cards

Here are some examples of the supported Business Credit Cards:

Capital One Spark Miles for Business

U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards Visa Business Card

Bank of America Business Advantage

United Business Card

Adding your Business Credit Cards:

If you have admin permissions, sign into "" with your login email address. In the lefthand sidebar:

Company Settings > Corporate Card Connections > Bank Connections

1. Choose "Search" to the right of "Bank and Card Search", you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page.

2. In the Plaid overlay you can either choose your bank from one of the tiles, or click in the search bar and type in the card issuer's name.

3. After you select the card issuing bank Plaid will display the name of the bank, choosing "Continue to Login" will open up a pop-up window, here you'll enter your login credentials to connect your card program to TravelBank.

Corporate Credit Cards

Here are some examples of the supported Corporate Credit Card programs:

American Express Corporate (Green/Gold/Platinum)

U.S. Bank Commercial Rewards

Elan One Card

Wells Fargo CEO Card

If you would like to add your Corporate Credit Card program to your company's TravelBank Account

Send an email to "", please include the following information:

  1. Email address to your card provider point of contact

  2. Card program name

  3. Your name, phone number and email address

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I have a Business or a Corporate Card?

If you have a physical card, you can look at the front of the card, see if "Corporate" is printed on the card. Additionally, corporate card programs are usually handled by an account manager. If you are unsure, you may contact the card issuer for clarification. If your card is a corporate card, try and collect the account manager's email address so that you can include that in your email to TravelBank.

How long does it take before a card sync is active?

Typically it takes anywhere from 20 - 25 days for the sync to become active. Since Corporate Credit Card syncs require additional information, ensure that the account manager email address is accurate to prevent any additional delays.

Can I choose a different day to start the sync?

When you are requesting your Corporate Credit Card program to sync with TravelBank, include in your email a date outside of the 20 - 25 days of expected setup time. For example, if you are requesting a card sync early in the month, you may instruct TravelBank to not sync any transactions until the first of the following month.

Why do my Corporate Card Transactions show “unassigned” next to them?

All transactions from a corporate card must be assigned to an expense report.

If I accidentally purchase something with my personal card can I add it to my Expense Report?

On the "Expenses & Transactions" page create a "Personal Card/Reimbursable Expense". If your company uses TravelBank for reimbursements then they will deposit money into your reimbursement account. Some company's prefer to handle expense reimbursement outside of TravelBank.

Can I delete my corporate card synced transactions?

Only personal card expenses can be deleted, all transactions synced from a Corporate Card must be assigned to an Expense Report.

Updated: 13June2023 16.17

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