After I request Corporate Card Sync, how long does it take before the sync goes into effect?

Typically it takes anywhere from 20 - 25 days for the sync to go into effect. The sooner we get the process started the sooner your cards will be ready to sync.

Can I choose a different day to start the sync?

When setting up Corporate Card Sync you may choose a future date to start the sync so that you can better organize your records.

Why do my Corporate Card Transactions show “unassigned” next to them?

All transactions from a corporate card must be assigned to an expense report.

If I accidentally purchase something with my personal card can I add it to my Expense Report?

Yes you can. When you select transactions that were made with a personal card you can either “assign” or “delete” them from the sync.

Why can’t I delete my transactions?

Only expenses incurred from a personal card can be deleted, all transactions from a Corporate Card must be assigned to an Expense Report.

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