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When you sync your corporate credit cards with TravelBank you can easily select and assign transactions to an Expense Report. Admins can then view whether or not transactions have been assigned to an expense report.

Below you will learn more about how transactions synchronize from your bank or card issuer to TravelBank via Corporate Card Sync. Learn more about Silicon Valley Bank Corporate Card Sync setup here.

After I request Corporate Card Sync, how long does it take before the sync goes into effect?

Typically it takes anywhere from 20 - 25 days for the sync to go into effect. The sooner we get the process started the sooner your cards will be ready to sync.

Can I choose a different day to start the sync?

When setting up Corporate Card Sync you may choose a future date to start the sync so that you can better organize your records.

Why do my Corporate Card Transactions show “unassigned” next to them?

All transactions from a corporate card must be assigned to an expense report.

If I accidentally purchase something with my personal card can I add it to my Expense Report?

Yes you can. When you select transactions that were made with a personal card you can either “assign” or “delete” them from the sync.

Why can’t I delete my transactions?

Only expenses incurred from a personal card can be deleted, all transactions from a Corporate Card must be assigned to an Expense Report.

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