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Learn about the new TravelBank docs site
Learn about the new TravelBank docs site

Learn about TravelBank's new product documentation site:

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TravelBank is launching a new product documentation site. This article provides more information about the site and how we plan to transition to using it.


This article is for all TravelBank users. (support site) vs (docs site)

The support site and docs site have distinct, complementary functions and purposes. The following table outlines these details.

Table 1. Comparing and the New product docs site

Informal name

Support site

Docs site

Purpose of site

Reactive: Contains information about specific situations that may arise with the product

Proactive: Contains source-of-truth product information so users can self-serve and learn about the product

Information to be included on site

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Product updates or announcements

  • Overview articles

  • How-to articles

  • Deep-dive reference articles

  • Configuration information


All content is publicly available.

To access any content on the new docs site, users must have a account.

  • Paid plan: Articles directed toward TravelBank users with a paid plan will be available only to users with a paid plan.

  • Free: Select preview articles showing the type of content available to users with a paid plan will be available to all users.

  • Free: Articles directed toward TravelBank users with a free plan will be available to all users.

Frequently asked questions about this transition

Will I still have access to the same articles I could access before this transition?

This depends on your TravelBank plan. In order to access articles on the new docs site, you must be a TravelBank user. Some articles on the new docs site will be available to all TravelBank users, and some articles (that is, the articles pertaining to the paid plan) will be available to paid customers only. The support site, however, will remain available to anyone, including TravelBank users and the general public.

Will the URL change for each article?/Will I need to update the link for bookmarked articles?

Yes, the URL will change for each article, but Intercom, our website provider, automatically updates the content of both article URLs, so you can still access the same information, even with the old URL.

You’re welcome to update old links for bookmarked articles, but you are not required to in order to have access to the article content. To access an article’s new URL, search for the article on the new docs site.

Why are you removing articles from the support site?

Our aim in separating support content and more in-depth product content is to help users more easily find the information they’re looking for when they need it. Users can go to the support site to find more immediate product information, such as answers to specific questions, or information about timely product updates. Users can go to the docs site for more in-depth product information that may not answer a specific question but helps them have a better, more well-rounded understanding of the product as a whole.

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