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Learn how to view declined transactions

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This article lists the steps for viewing declined transactions. To learn about specific reasons your card may be declined, see the “Why is my card declined?” article.


This article is intended for U.S. Bank and Elan customers who are using a physical corporate card.


TravelBank shows declined transactions for informational purposes only. Unlike pending transactions which you can take action on, you cannot take action on declined transactions. You can only view them. (See the “Manage pending transactions” article for information on the actions you can take on pending transactions.)

When a transaction is declined

When a transaction is declined, you receive notifications through multiple channels:

  • On your mobile device by the TravelBank app (see Figure 1)

  • On the web version of TravelBank

When you select “View” in one of the notifications, it automatically applies the filter described in the subsequent section of this article and shows you the declined transaction. It also shows the reason why the transaction was declined if TravelBank has that information.

After 30 days, the decline no longer appears.

Review the “Why is my card declined?” article to learn what to do when a transaction is declined, depending on the reason the card was declined.

View declined transactions

When you have a declined transaction, you receive a push notification on your mobile device. When you select the notification, it takes you directly to the Expenses & Transactions page (see Figure 2) in the TravelBank app.

Two cell phone screens side by side: Pending and declined transactions notifications on the left, and Expenses and Transactions page on the right

Figure 1. Declined transactions notification, Expenses & Transactions page

To view declined transactions, take the following steps:

  1. Select “Expenses & Transactions” in the TravelBank left navigation menu.

  2. Select “Filter”. This brings up a side menu with filter options.

  3. In the “Status” dropdown field, select “Declined”. This automatically adds a “Type” field to the filter, and “Corporate Card” is selected by default (see Figure 2).

  4. If desired, select a date range or a specific card (if you have multiple cards), or both.

The Expenses and Transactions page with the Declined and Corporate Card filters turned on so one declined transaction appears

Figure 2. Expenses & Transactions page, Declined transactions

Need help?

If you need help, contact the TravelBank support team:

  • From the website or mobile app: Open the TravelBank left navigation menu and select “Chat with us”.

Publish date: November 27, 2023

Last update: April 20, 2024

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