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Convert from over 150 currencies with TravelBank's multi-currency function

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TravelBank has gone global with our new multi-currency feature, allowing international jet setters to convert expenses in more than 150 global currencies.


If you’re one of those business travelers with a well-worn passport, you’ll be excited to hear about our multi-currency feature! When you track expenses in more than 150 currencies it will automatically convert to USD.

When adding expenses, tap on the currency and select a new one using our currency search interface. TravelBank automatically converts the currency when you save your expense. You can view the conversions in their expense details list. A gold icon next to the expense indicates when an expense has been converted to USD.

Currently, TravelBank is only available in English and non-US currencies will always revert back to USD on expense reports. However, we will be adding non-US base currency and additional languages in planned product updates. 

Anything else you'd like to see? We'd love to hear from you! Send us a note at or use the "Chat With Us" button in our app.

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