Importing Delegates Using a CSV

Save time by importing delegate assignments in bulk

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As an administrator you may need to assign multiple delegate & host pairs at a time.

To get started, in the sidebar:

Company Settings > Employees > Delegates

Choose the "Bulk Import" button in the upper righthand corner. If this is your first time importing a CSV, start by downloading the CSV template first. You may also download a CSV template by clicking this link.

After you choose "Bulk Import" the popup window will appear. If you haven't already downloaded a CSV template, you may do so in this window:

The basic CSV template will look like this:

Expand the CSV so that you have as many rows as you'll need. When you input your Host & Delegate Email address, start inputting them on row 2.

The basic configuration will be that for every Host and respective Delegate, they need to be paired, consider the following example:

Once uploaded, the results will be displayed:

On the CSV each line would have to have the Host, and the Delegate to whom you are granting access, this is how the CSV would look:

Once you have added all of the delegate assignments you'd like to make, you can then click "Upload CSV File" or you may drag and drop your CSV to the blue box with the download cloud icon.

You can learn how to switch accounts here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know when the upload is complete?
Once your CSV upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

My confirmation email indicated there were errors, what do I do now?

Errors can occur for some of the following reasons:

  • A row was skipped because it contained invalid data, such as an email that does not match an active user.

  • If you are trying to assign users, they both need to have activated their TravelBank accounts.

  • If you input more than one email address in a box.

How long does it take to import a CSV?

The duration of the import is affected by the number of rows your CSV has. While fewer rows means that the upload will take less time, we recommend waiting at least 30 minutes, then check to see if you've received your confirmation email. You can also sign in, and view the Delegates in the Employee Directory.

Can I delete my CSV once I'm done?

You may, although we do recommend keeping a copy in the event that you want to reassign delegates, or add. You can simply update your CSV, and then re-import it.

When I deleted a Delegate & Host pair and uploaded the CSV, why didn't it remove the Delegate user?

At this time the CSV import will add new delegate assignments, to remove a Delegate choose "Remove" next to their name on the Delegates page of Employees, located in Company Settings.

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