Brex Travel portal, powered by TravelBank: Booking travel
Learn how to book your next flight or hotel, straight from within the Brex dashboard, including with your Brex points
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After you sign into your Brex account, choose "Travel portal" from the left navigation bar. Alternatively, if you are an Admin of your Brex account and have access to your company's Brex point balance, you can choose "Rewards" from the left navigation and click "book" in the "Travel" tile under "Redemption Options".

All Brex cardholders can search for and book travel with their Brex cards. When booking as an admin using points, you can also see the cost reflected in points, as well as dollars.

On the final page before you book, review your payment in the righthand sidebar. All of your available Brex cards will automatically appear as payment methods; you can select which one to use, or add a new payment method by typing it in manually. If you are a Brex admin, you will also see your current point balance, this option is available when there are enough points to cover the entire booking.

Under "Traveler Information" you can create or choose yourself as the traveler, or if you need to add a new traveler, or edit an existing traveler you can do it here as well.

Choose "Book Flight" to complete the request.

Created: 04May2021 12.36
Updated: 10May2021 14.55

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