Before TravelBank can start syncing your transactions from your Silicon Valley Bank Corporate Card, we'll need some information, to get started, collect the following details below:

  1. Your company's name as it appears at Silicon Valley Bank

  2. Program ID for the cards you are requesting to sync

  3. The email address of the main point of contact (POC)

For some card types the bank will require a 3rd Party File Feed Agreement. If this is required Silicon Valley Bank will send the form directly to you and the sync setup completion will remain pending until the form is signed and on file with Silicon Valley Bank.

Once the process is completed TravelBank begins to receive the initial transactions in approximately 24-48 hours when conducted during the business week (Monday - Friday).

Ready to get started? Email us at "", put "SVB Corporate Card Sync" as the subject of your email, include the requested information in the email's body and we'll get back to you to confirm we've received your request.

Why didn't I receive a 3rd Party File Feed Agreement to sign?

Some card types do not require this form, examples of cards that require a File Feed Agreement:

Elite Credit Cards

Company ID’s start with "21"

Business Credit Cards

Company ID’s start with "R0", "R2", "C1"

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