Where are my synced transactions?

Synced transactions can now be found by clicking “Cards” in the sidebar, then clicking on “Synced Transactions”.

How do I view the synced transactions from a specific card?

Click “Cards” in the sidebar, then click on the card of which you’d like to view specific transactions. In the Card Details overlay on the righthand side, choose “View Transactions”.

How do I reveal the card number of an Instant card?

In the Virtual Card Details you can see the expiration date, to view the card number and CVV code, click “Reveal Card Number”. You’ll be emailed a 4-digit PIN.

If I reveal the card number will it always be visible in the Virtual Card Details?

For the security of the card information once you close the Virtual Card Details overlay, or sign out the details will remain hidden until you generate and enter another 4-digit code.

Can I use my Instant Card to buy from online retailers?

Once you reveal the card details you can use it on any online retailer that accepts that card type, you can also add it to your Apple or Google Wallet as well.

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