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Find out what's new with our latest Expense Export release (Available Late May 2020)

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Expense Export 2.0

Can I change the date range for the Expense Export?
Yes, you can choose the start and end dates

Can I change the default names of categories before I export them?
You can give each column a custom name before you export your expenses.

Do the columns only export in a standard order?
Using the 4-headed arrow you can rearrange the columns into an order which works best for you.

Are any new categories available in the export?
Yes, we are happy to provide the following eight new categories:

  • Report status

  • User email

  • Employee ID

  • Submitted date

  • Reimbursement date

  • Paid date

  • Approved by manager

  • Approved by finance

Do I have to export all departments?
No, you can choose which departments to include in your export simply by unchecking the boxes for those you wish to exclude.

I didn’t get an email, where’s my report?
No need to check your email, the expense report is downloaded by your browser. Check your downloads folder or desktop for the report.

Do I have to re-select my customizations such as column rearrangement and departments selected?
All of your customizations are saved between sessions, all you do is navigate to the Expense Export, and choose the dates for your next report.

Published: 13May2020 12.23

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