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Adjust rewards rates, or turn rewards off

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Learn how TravelBank rewards work, and decide if you would like to enable them, and also set rates to incentivize your travelers to spend less, so that they earn points, and your company can save on lodging.

How does it work?

We use a blend of real-time market rate availability and company policy to provide an average trip price for every booking. Choose lodging below the TravelBank benchmark, you split the savings with your company, up to 50% of the budget difference.

Once you complete your travel, the rewards you earned for saving your company money will be credited to your TravelBank account and you can redeem them for personal use on a variety of services.

Note: For Airbnb bookings, you'll have to look up the dates and use the link in the pop-up to book Airbnb or create budget by selecting the date and choosing "Save for Later" or uploading your Airbnb receipt then.

Adjusting the rate, or turning rewards on or off:

Company Settings > Travel > Rewards Policy

Click on "Auto Rewards" and select "None" to turn rewards off.

When rewards are on you can set rewards to any value between 20 and 50 percent:

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