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Can I earn Brex Rewards points when using Brex Travel?
When paying for travel using your Brex card, Brex customers will earn 1 point for every dollar they spend. Brex Exclusive customers earn 4 points for every dollar spent.

For more details on the Brex Exclusive and the Rewards program, please visit brex.com/rewards or contact travelbanksupport@brex.com or call (866) 523-5492.

Can I pay for travel using Brex Rewards?

Brex Administrators can use their company's rewards points to pay for flights and hotels booked through Brex Travel portal.

If I am not an Administrator can I pay for travel with Rewards?

Standard cardholders can pay with a credit card but do not have access to any points redemption features.

Can I split my payment between Rewards Points and my credit card?

When booking travel with an agent you must use a credit card. If you plan to pay using points you must book via Brex Travel Portal. When using points you need enough points to pay for the entire booking and the payment cannot be split.

If I don't have enough points to pay for my travel reservation, can I pay my Brex card balance with points I've earned?

When you use your points to to pay for travel they redeem at a rate of 100 points to 1 dollar. When you use your points to pay your balance the points redeem at a rate of 100 points to 70 cents.

What payment can I use for Brex Travel?

You may pay for your travel using only one of the payment methods listed below:

  • Use your Brex card and earn up to 4 points per $1 spent (Brex Exclusive, Standard Brex earn 1 point per $1)

  • Using a major credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express

  • Brex Rewards points

To use Brex Rewards you need to be an Administrator, and you must have enough points to pay for the entire booking. Travel can only be booked through the Brex Travel Portal. If there are not enough points to pay for the entire booking use one of the previous two options.

Can I book travel for my colleague?

TravelBank offers the option to book travel for yourself or for a colleague. To book travel for a colleague, select “Book for Someone Else” at checkout. Doing so allows you to select or add their traveler profile once completed they will be sent itinerary updates.

Is there a fee to book, change, or cancel travel plans?

TravelBank does not charge any fees to book, change or cancel plans. In addition to no-fee changes, our travel agents are available to accommodate any adjustments you might need. While TravelBank doesn’t charge fees to make modifications, airlines and hotels may. Please note:, depending on the type of change request, the time at which it was made, and the type of ticket originally booked, airlines and hotels may charge a fee

How much might an airline or hotel charge me to modify travel plans?

Typically the fees are around $150 - $200 for domestic flights but could be as high as $500 for international flight changes. (Brex points cannot be used to cover an fees as a result of these types of changes.)

What if I need to cancel or change my flight or hotel?

To make flight or hotel changes, please contact TravelBank: brex-travel@travelbank.com. For after-hours emergencies, contact our support line: 866.682.8785. Any cost involved as a result of the change must be paid for by a credit card.

Still have questions?

For any questions regarding Brex account balances and points redemption, contact Brex at travelbanksupport@brex.com.

For technical issues with Brex Travel, please contact brex-travel@travelbank.com.

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