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Commercial Rewards
Commercial Rewards

Learn about TravelBank's all-in-one commercial card solution

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Commercial Rewards Card program introductionLearn about the free version and paid version of the Commercial Rewards Card program

Free plan

Free plan articles apply to users on the free plan and users on the paid plan

Commercial Rewards Card free plan guideGet started with the Commercial Rewards Card free plan
Create your TravelBank accountSet up your free TravelBank expense and travel management account
Corporate travel user guideLearn how to get started with corporate travel using TravelBank
Review your organization’s travel policyReview the TravelBank default travel policy
Turn rewards on or off and adjust reward ratesAdjust rewards rates, or turn rewards off
Redeem rewardsLearn how to use the points you’ve earned with TravelBank
Managing expenses user guideGet started with managing expenses using TravelBank
Review your organization’s expense policyReview the TravelBank default expense policy
TravelBank enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrationsLearn about ERP integrations that may be possible for your organization
Commercial Rewards Card user guideLearn how to set up your account with everything you need before you get started
Commercial Rewards Card program administrator guideTake control of Commercial Rewards and learn how to use administrative tools
Add and edit employeesUse the Employee Directory to add and edit employees in TravelBank
Emails for onboardingSend these emails to your employees to announce your partnership with TravelBank
Learn about Commercial Rewards Card user roles and permissionsLearn about the different roles that Commercial Rewards Card users can have on the TravelBank platform
Receive TravelBank emailsLearn how to add TravelBank to your "Safe Senders"/"Whitelist"
Connect your bank account to pay your Commercial Rewards cardLink your Commercial Rewards account with your bank
Activate my Commercial Rewards cardLearn how to activate your Commercial Rewards card