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Advanced configurations
Advanced configurations

Learn about advanced administrative functions, including integrations and complex banking requirements

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Integrations: Setting up Okta for SSOWhat is Okta and how do I get started?
QuickBooks Online integrationIntegrate your QuickBooks Online General Ledger with TravelBank to enable auto-sync
Integrations: Setting Up Single Sign-OnStreamline user sign in with Single Sign-On (SSO), and control access.

Company Settings: DepartmentsCreate Departments to organize your company, and map them to your general ledger.
Learn about TravelBank user roles and permissionsLearn about the different user roles in the Employee Directory, and how they affect travel and expense policies.
Integrations: Scheduled Expense ExportSetup an automated Expense Export, choose between Email or SFTP delivery
Importing Delegates Using a CSVSave time by importing delegate assignments in bulk
Delegate User: Assigning Delegates to HostsLearn how to grant account access to other users.
What are my options for keeping my employee directory up to date? (HRIS Sync)
Add and edit employeesUse the Employee Directory to add and edit employees in TravelBank
Expense Policy: Approval RulesTake advantage of this new approval flow, use Approval Rules to give special routing to spend, category or both.
Manage your organization's expense policiesLearn about TravelBank's default Expense Policy, you can also create custom Expense Policies as well
Integrations: Setting up Okta for SCIM Directory SyncFollow this guide to setup Okta with TravelBank
Review and manage your organization's default travel policyLearn about TravelBank's default Travel Policy, create your own, activate and adjust rewards as well as Custom Fields
Integrations: Workday & UltiPro TravelBank IntegrationsLearn about Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
Importing users through CSVThe fastest way to add or modify your users in bulk