Reimbursing employees has never been easier. TravelBank helps your company process reimbursements for employee out-of-pocket expenses in 24 hours, ensuring they get their money back as quickly as possible for their business purchases. 

To activate Reimbursements with TravelBank, you will first need to create a company. Once this is done head to the Menu > Company Settings > Employee Reimbursements and Savings > Add a Bank Account. From here you can determine what your reimbursement settings will be. Check out the video below for a quick run through. 

Visual Guide:

On our desktop app, Company Settings is found on the left menu column. On mobile devices just tap the Menu icon found in the top left of the app and it will open up the menu with Company Settings as an option. First, Add a Bank Account. Then review your settings:

  1. Enable your preferred reimbursement schedule; you can select one day, semi-monthly (middle and end of month) or monthly (end of month) schedules

  2. Enable or disable One Step Reimbursements; enabling will create a simpler process for reimbursements, only a manager need approve a report to initiate a reimbursement. Otherwise you will also need a finance admin to review and approve a report that has been approved by a manager

  3. If you company has decided to use our Rewards platform they can enable Savings Incentives by toggling on the final option. This will give you the option to reward employees for spending under their Trip Budget when they travel for business, encouraging a culture of cost savings.

Make sure your employees have added a bank account for reimbursement, this article provides a simple walkthrough, so they can get their money back ASAP. If they don't have an account added, they will receive an email alert notifying them they have a reimbursement pending until they add an account. 

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