TravelBank offers and in-app flight booking experience built for the modern business traveler. Book your flight and have the receipt automatically added to your expense report.

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Traveler Profile

You will have the opportunity to update your traveler profile on the Checkout screen. After you have entered your details once, TravelBank will remember your Traveler Profile, mileage programs and payment methods for all future bookings.

With our Book on Behalf of Another feature you can add multiple traveler profiles that will be saved for future bookings in a drop down menu

On this screen, enter your traveler details including your name (exactly as it appears on your government issued ID),  date of birth and Known Traveler Number (TSA Pre).

Mileage Programs
TravelBank allows you to enter your frequent flyer info for the airline you are traveling on or any of their codeshare partners. For example, if you booked United but hold status with Lufthansa you will be able to decide which loyalty program you would like to apply to the booking.

Payment Methods
TravelBank makes it easy for you to add your credit card(s). Just tap Add Card and enter the details for your preferred payment method. You can add as many cards to your account as you like but make sure to select which card you would like to make the purchase with for each booking.

If you are an Admin for you company and would like to add a Corporate Card for your employees to use, please email

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