Commercial Rewards Card program introduction

Learn about the free version and paid version of the Commercial Rewards Card program

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This article provides information about the free version and paid version of the Commercial Rewards Card program.


This article is directed toward administrators of a Commercial Rewards Card program.

Commercial Rewards Card program overview

The Commercial Rewards Card program combines credit card, travel, and expense management in an all-in-one platform powered by TravelBank. Commercial Rewards and TravelBank allow you to make payments, track and submit your expenses, and book business travel. There is a free plan and a paid plan of Commercial Rewards. This article provides information about the difference between the plans.

We have several support articles to guide you through the setup of your Commercial Rewards program, starting with the following articles:

Program features: Free vs paid

The Commercial Rewards program offers the features listed in the following table.

For additional explanation of the differences between free and paid plans, watch the videos: TravelBank Travel Solution and TravelBank Expense Solution.

Table 1. Commercial Rewards Card features, free and paid plans

Type of features

Free plan

Paid plan


  • Travel booking management and discounted rates

  • Default travel policy

  • 24/7 travel agent support via email, chat, and phone

  • Reward program for employees that spend under travel budget (must opt in)

  • App-based travel booking (fee is waived for Commercial Rewards program)

Everything from free plus:

  • Multiple customizable travel budgets, fields, and policies

  • Access to corporate group travel planning services


  • Unlimited expense reports and items

  • Receipt scans and submissions

  • Expense and card management

  • Default expense policy - basic expense configuration management

  • One general department for all users

  • Card transaction sync

  • Configurable and scheduled expense exports

  • Default approval hierarchy

  • Virtual card issuing and management

Everything from free plus:

  • Custom fields and multiple configurable expense policies

  • Unlimited departments

  • Custom approval structure and rules

  • Delegate user access

  • Configurable and scheduled expense exports


  • Standard CSV file extract

  • Custom integrations (fee applies). Some examples include Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP), Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Single Sign On (SSO), Card)

  • Core Insights basic analytics

  • Premium Insights advanced analytics (fee applies)

  • Monday through Friday product support via chat and email

Everything from free plus:

  • Any usage beyond your subscription level is billed monthly according to the additional usage policy

  • Delegate functionality for users to perform actions on behalf of another user, including booking travel

Upgrade to the paid plan

Reach out to to upgrade to the paid plan of Commercial Rewards Card.

Need help?

If you need help, contact the Commercial Rewards Card program team at

Publish date: December 21, 2023

Last update: June 04, 2024

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