Review your organization’s travel policy

Review the TravelBank default travel policy

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This article explains how to view your organization’s default travel policy.


This article is directed toward administrators with a free TravelBank expense and travel management account.   


The default travel policy establishes guidelines for your employees’ business travel, what travel needs approval, how many days in advance travel needs to be reserved, and other details.

As a Commercial Rewards customer with the free plan, you have access to one default travel policy. To add and edit travel policies, upgrade your plan.

View your travel policy

Starting in the left navigation menu, go to “Company Settings” > “Travel” > “Travel Policy” > “Default Travel Policy”.

Figure 1. Default Travel Policy page, which includes Flight Policy, Lodging Policy, and Employees in Policy

Figure 1. Default Travel Policy page

Although you cannot edit your default policy, you can review the details of your policy by selecting “Edit” for “Flight Policy” and “Lodging Policy” respectively. Note that all employees in your organization are part of the default policy.

Manage your travel reward policy

Starting in the left navigation menu, go to “Company Settings” > “Travel” > “Reward Policy”.

On this page you can turn the rewards policy on and off by turning the toggle switch. You can also change the rewards amount by changing the percentage in the “Rewards Amount” field.

Note: The percentage in the Rewards Amount field is the total percentage of savings the employee saved the company and that the employee can earn as a reward to use in the rewards center.

Select “Save” when you’re finished making changes.

Figure 5. Reward Policy page with options to adjust autorewards and rewards amount

Figure 5. Reward Policy page

Need help?

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Publish date: January 19, 2024

Last update: April 20, 2024

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