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Add a card in the My Cards section of the TravelBank mobile app

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This article provides the steps for a user to add a card in the My Cards section of the TravelBank mobile app.


This article applies to all TravelBank mobile app users.

Add a card

To add a card, select the plus icon. This opens up a window with two options: Synced Credit Card and Payment Method.

Add a synced credit card

When you select "Synced Credit Card", a workflow opens (shown in Figure 1) to use Plaid to add a synced credit card. Plaid is a secure service that verifies your bank account information. TravelBank supports any cards that Plaid has access to, including business cards and consumer credit cards.

Plaid workflow window showing information about how Plaid connects your financial accounts and protects your data

Figure 1. Plaid workflow window

Follow the workflow’s steps to:

  • add your phone number,

  • select your financial institution and log in to your bank with your regular username and password, and

  • select the specific account you want to connect with Plaid.

When you complete the workflow, it automatically redirects you back to the My Cards page.

Add a payment method

When you select “Payment Method” a Card Information screen appears. Complete the fields and select “Save”.

Remove a card

If you need to remove a card, take the following steps:

  1. Select “My Account” from the TravelBank left navigation menu.

  2. Select “View Account” > “Payment Method”. This brings up a list of all payment methods you have added to your account.

  3. Select “Edit” for the card or payment method you would like to remove/delete. This opens an Edit Card page with that card’s information.

  4. Select the trashcan icon to delete the card. This brings up a “Remove Credit Card?” screen.

  5. Select “Remove”.

Publish date: October 19, 2023

Last update: April 20, 2024

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