Company Settings: Departments

Create Departments to organize your company, and map them to your general ledger.

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Use the departments page to modify department names, or general ledger mappings. If you need to manage your employee directory, you can learn how to do so here.

To create a new department, edit a department name, set or change its mapping to your general ledger:

Company Settings > Employees > Departments

On the departments page you may add new departments by clicking the blue "Add Department" button:

To edit the general ledger mapping, or revise the department's name, click the blue pencil icon to the right of the department you're looking to edit.

Once you are finished choose "Save" to finalize your modifications.

Note: Each user can be assigned to a maximum of 20 departments. If you assign more than 20 departments, the following error message appears.

CSV import error message, Employees assigned to more than the allowed 20 departments. Please review your CSV file and identify the affected employee records. Adjust the department assignments to ensure the employee is not assigned more than 20 departments

The departments page will display the department name, External ID, total employees in the department (Employee Count) as well as the active expenses. The status column shows which departments are presently active. You cannot deactivate departments from the departments page, if you need to have a department deactivated send a request to "", provide the department name, or a screen shot of the department you'd like to have deactivated.

Publish date: March 07, 2023

Last update: December 04, 2023

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