The options for keeping your employee directory up to date through automation are the following:

  • Flat file upload via SFTP

  • Directory sync through SCIM

  • Single Sign On using SAML, Okta, or OpenID

SFTP Flat File Upload

A flat file can be uploaded containing a list of all active employees in the system, the flat file should be a CSV file that contains the fields/columns outlined in the following help article:

To make use of the flat file upload, your HR system needs to support the following capabilities:

  • able to generate custom employee reports as a CSV file

  • able to upload to custom reports an SFTP server using a username/password

The report generated should contain a list of all active employees and include the fields referenced in the CSV import sample file, referenced in the help article above.

If you would like to make use of the SFTP flat file integration, please work with your implementation manager or contact our support team.

SCIM Integration

TravelBank also supports integrating with HR systems using the SCIM specification:

Please see the following article for more information:

Single Sign On

Single sign on allows just in time provisioning of employees. This means that employee/user accounts can be created when the employee accesses TravelBank for the first time. Single sign on supports the ability to specify an employee's:

  • first name

  • last name

  • email

At this time Department, Manager, Travel/Expense Policy are not able to be defined through Single Sign On.

SAML, OpenID, and Okta are all supported as types of single sign on integrations. To implement single sign on, please work with your implementation manager or contact support.

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