Netsuite: Overview and Configuration
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  • Sync Netsuite accounts or expense categories to TravelBank Expense Categories. This eliminates the need to manage any categories in TravelBank

  • Sync Expense Report approvals from TravelBank → Netsuite

    • sync reimbursable expenses

    • sync corporate card/non-reimbursable expenses

  • Sync Expense Report reimbursements from TravelBank → Netsuite. When ACH reimbursements are submitted to the banks, those cash withdrawals will be recorded in Netsuite against the reimbursable expense reports that had previously been synced over


  • Split expenses are not currently supported at this time

  • Custom fields are not able to synced from TravelBank → Netsuite, with the exception of Department, Class, Location custom fields.

  • Employees in Netsuite may only belong to one subsidiary, submitting against multiple subisidiaries is not supported


Screen 1 - Authentication

Please see the following guide for configuring your Netsuite credentials:

Screen 2 - General Configuration

Pre-approved synced records

This setting controls if entries synced from TravelBank to Netsuite will be created as approved. This setting is recommended to be enabled as any records syncing to Netsuite will have already been approved.

The only reason to disable this setting would be if there is some automation or workflows in Netsuite that require approval happening in Netsuite.

Date Setting

This setting controls which date(s) from the Expense Report to use when creating records in Netsuite. The options are:

  • Submitted Date - the date the report was submitted in TravelBank

  • Approval Date - the date the report was approved in TravelBank

  • Most Recent Expense Date - the most recent date from the expenses on the report in TravelBank

What setting you use will depend on your accounting practices.

Reimbursable Record Type

This is the record type in Netsuite that will be created for reimbursable expenses from expense reports.

  • Journal Entry (recommended)

  • Expense Report

Sync Reimbursements (only visible if reimbursement is enabled in TravelBank)

This setting will sync the reimbursement transactions when expense reports are reimbursed. For example: if a report is approved on Dec 1, but not reimbursed until Dec 15. The report approval will be recorded in Netsuite on Dec 1, but the reimbursement will not be sent to Netsuite until Dec 15 when TravelBank requests the funds to be transferred through the banks.

Sync Credit Card Transactions

Enabling this setting will sync corporate card/non-reimbursable transactions from TravelBank → Netsuite. This setting is recommended to be enabled.

Corporate Card Record Type

This is the record type in Netsuite that will be created for non-reimbursable/corporate card expenses from expense reports.

  • Journal Entry (recommended)

  • Expense Report

Check No. Setting for Payments

This setting controls whether checks will be created for payments.

  • Netsuite Default Behavior - create checks

  • Remove Check Number from Payments (recommended) - for most customers, reimbursements are being processed through TravelBank so a check should not need to be created from Netsuite.

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