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Managing and Merging Your Corporate Card Transactions - Quick Guide
Managing and Merging Your Corporate Card Transactions - Quick Guide

A quick guide on the powerful ways you can manage your synced card transactions.

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If you have a synced connection with a corporate card, you can find the transactions on the Expenses & Transactions tab, located in the lefthand sidebar. (If you have a personal card sync, you'll find the transactions under My Cards > Transaction History)

There are 2 ways in which you can manage and reconcile your corporate card transactions. We'll review each process below.

  1. Merge - Create an expense and merge the synced transaction with the expense.

  2. Complete - Click on the transaction and complete the transaction by adding all of the details you would with a normal expense.

Expenses can be created anytime (regardless of when your transaction syncs over) and be easily merged with your transactions.

Let's go step by step.

  1. Click "Add Expense" or select an existing expense under the "Expenses and Transactions" page.

  2. Add the basic expense details. You can start by adding the receipt for example. Note that when you merge, the transaction details will overwrite the expense fields such as transaction date, amount, etc.

  3. Save the expense and return to the Expenses and Transactions tab

  4. Select the expense (using the checkbox) and transaction then click "Merge".

    1. (You CANNOT undo a merge once completed. The system will have a warning if you have conflicting amounts prior to merging).

    2. You can also click on the expense first and click merge. A dialogue box will appear with a list of transactions that you can select from.

  5. Submit the expense once you've confirmed all of the information is saved and correct on the merged record.

Merging the expense to the transaction

Merging Expenses and Transactions

Alert when merging an expense & transaction with conflicting details

Transaction Records can now become completed expenses by simply clicking on the transaction without needing to create a separate expense & merge.

Here's how easy this is!

  1. Select the transaction (click anywhere but the checkbox) Located under "Expenses and Transactions" (If you have a personal card sync, you'll find the transactions under My Cards > Transaction History).

  2. Add all of your standard expense information such as allocations, categories, etc. on the "Expense Details" page. When you save, your transaction will transform into an expense with the transaction automatically linked.

  3. Add the receipt image to the record and ensure all fields are complete and accurate.

  4. Save, then Submit the expense.

Completing/converting a transaction into a linked expense

Completing a transaction with expense details


If you are working with a corporate card, please note the icons below.

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Last Updated: 4Nov2022
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