Add comments to expense reports

Learn how to add comments to expense reports.

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Comments on expense reports allow managers, admins, and finance to effectively communicate to employees questions or corrections that they may need to make to their expense report, prior to providing approval.

If your company has expense report comments enabled, when viewing an expense report you may add a comment by typing in the comment field located on the righthand side of the screen in the Activity panel.

You can send comments to employees who have submitted expense reports, additionally, if you return an expense report, there is a comments field in the dialogue box that appears:

Leaving a comment is optional, but it can help employees understand why an expense report was returned, and what they may need to do in order for it to be approved once they submit it again.

Comments appear on the right side of the screen, along with the last action:

The employee can then make the necessary adjustments, and resubmit the expense report.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know if my manager has left a comment on my expense report?

Once a comment is typed, when the author selects "Send" an email notification is sent to the user. The user can also view the comments on the right side of the screen in the Activity panel.

Can I add a comment to an expense report if I've already returned it?

If you return an expense report and decide to add a comment later, locate the expense report in the "Reports" tab of the Manage page. Choosing the expense report, type a comment in the Activity pane located on the right and choose "Send".

Will comments appear in an Expense Export?

Comments appear on Expense Exports in a column titled "Report Comments". They are arranged in the following format: "name ; comment". Where name is the name of the comment author followed by a semicolon and the comment they wrote.

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