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If you need to input a refund, or credit, learn how to do so here.

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Sometimes you may need to enter an expense that credits back the company. For example, you may have purchased an item, received a reimbursement for it, and later needed to return it. This could also happen if an earlier expense is pro-rated or partially refunded. You can do so by creating an expense "Refund to Company".

Starting on the Expenses page, choose "Add Expense". This will either be located in the center of the screen if you have no active expenses, or in the upper righthand corner if you do have active expenses.

When creating a new refund, ensure you choose the original payment method from the "Payment Method" dropdown menu.

If your expense report has a mix of reimbursable items and refund items, you may notice that the refund to the company is deducted from the reimbursement you would receive:

Watch this quick walkthrough to learn how to submit your refund as a negative transaction on a corporate card:

Note: Admins may consider creating an expense category for users to choose to help identify accidental personal charges on a corporate card. Users should not use 'Refund to Company' if there was an accidental personal charge on a corporate card.

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Publish date: March 16, 2022

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