Integrations: Scheduled Expense Export

Setup an automated Expense Export, choose between Email or SFTP delivery

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To setup a scheduled Expense Export:

Company Settings > Integrations

If this is your first Integration, you will see a list of all our Integration options. If you've already setup an Integration, you will see it listed here. To add a new Integration, choose the blue "Add Integrations" button in the upper righthand corner.

From the list of Integrations find: "Scheduled Expense Export", and click "Add" located to the right.

Toggle the "Enabled" switch to "On".

In "Export Details" choose your preferred frequency. The options are:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Biweekly

  • Semimonthly

  • Monthly

When choosing "Weekly" or "Biweekly" next choose the day on which you would like to receive your export. If you choose "Semimonthly" you can choose between the 1st and the 15th, or the 15th and the Last day of the month. Choosing "Monthly" will allow you to pick which day of the month, the 1st through the 30th.

There are two options for "Delivery Method":

  • Email Export

  • SFTP

Email Export will allow you to set one, or more emails to receive the export. There is an optional field if you'd like to receive any Error Notifications.

After you have input the email addresses, choose "Save".

If you'd like to have your export delivered via SFTP, once this option is chosen, there will be a "Credentials" field. Choose the blue "Add" button to the right.

In the dialogue box, the user name and password are input for your account. Input the following:

  • Host

  • Path

  • Port

Choose "Add" in the lower righthand corner.

Finally choose your file type. The self-solve setup supports CSV. If you would like a custom export, choose "Custom" from the "File Type" menu, in the section below click the blue "Contact" button to request a custom file type for your Scheduled Expense Export.

If you have a scheduled expense export, the expense export is done at 00:00 (midnight). Use this reference chart if you'd like to anticipate when you can expect to receive your file.

Note that during daylight savings, if your region shifts, you will see these times reflected as an hour later.


Universal Time Coordinated

00:00 (midnight)


Pacific Standard Time

16:00 (4pm the previous day)


Mountain Standard Time

17:00 (5pm the previous day)


Central Time

18:00 (6pm the previous day)


Eastern Time

19:00 (7pm the previous day)

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Updated: 06June2023 16.33 - added export time matrix

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