Click on "My Cards" in the sidebar, and then choose "Synced Transactions". Click the checkbox to the left of the merchant name. Along the bottom righthand corner of the window you will have the options to "Deselect All" and "Pair Expense".

When you choose "Pair Expense" a popup with all of your unassigned Expenses will overlay the page. Choose "Select" to pair the Synced Transaction with an existing Expense.

Once you are finished choose "Assign to Report", choose the report to which you would like to assign the paired transactions, or choose "General Expenses" to move the paired transaction to your Expenses tab.

If you are pairing Expenses from the mobile app, learn how to pair them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I pair my Synced Transaction with the receipt I emailed?

When you email in a receipt, ensure that you leave it in the Expenses tab. If you add it to a report you cannot pair it with a Synced Transaction.

How can I pair an Expense that I have added to a report with a Synced Transaction?

At this time we recommend that you delete the Expense, and then forward the email receipt again. Once the Expense is created, you can pair it to the Synced Transaction.

Created: 03Sep2021
Updated: 08Sep2021 13.32
Updated: 13Sep2021 10.15 added FAQ

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