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Add credit cards and view Synced Transactions

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In the My Cards tab you can add credit cards you'd like to sync with TravelBank. Once added you can view the Synced Transactions in the tab on that page. If you are trying to add a card for purchasing travel, learn how to do that here.

If your company has issued you a corporate credit card for expenses and assigned it to you, the card will appear in My Cards, and the transactions you make will appear in the Synced Transactions tab.

If you forward receipts to "" they will pair with transactions when the dollar amount matches exactly. Forward the receipt before the transaction syncs (transactions usually sync to TravelBank after a few days) and TravelBank will pair them for you.

If you have a personal card that you use for business expenses, you can add it to My Cards so that you can use the Synced Transactions to create Expense Reports.

Once you've created your Expense TravelBank will automatically merge it with a Synced Transaction:

Corporate Credit Card

Up to 7 days

Personal Credit Card

Up to 3 days

If you forget to create the Expense first, you can always make it later and then manually pair them. Learn about pairing Expenses here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why doesn't my credit card appear on the checkout page when I try to book travel?

My Cards works as an Expense reporting feature to sync transactions from your financial institution securely to TravelBank. You can add a credit card to use for travel in the My Account tab, learn how to do so here.

Do only Expenses created by forwarded receipts automatically pair?

Any Expense you create prior to the transaction syncing can be automatically paired, as long as the dollar amount matches exactly. Just make sure the Expense is created before the transaction syncs to TravelBank.

Why didn't my Expense automatically merge with my Synced Transaction?

Expenses only merge with Synced Transactions when they are created prior to the bank syncing the transaction over to TravelBank. If your Expenses did not automatically pair, learn how to pair them here.

Do the dates need to match exactly?

The dates do not need to match, transaction dates will vary between when they are initiated to when they post. The Expense simply needs to be created before the Synced Transaction appears in TravelBank, and the dollar amount must match.

I have two Expenses of the same dollar amount, will they automatically pair?

Expenses will only pair if there is only one match. If there are two or more dollar amount matches, pair the transactions manually.

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