Travel: Paying with a Brex card
Learn how using your Brex card to pay for travel can earn you bonus Brex Points
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If you have a Brex card, you may have seen or used the Brex Travel portal, which is powered by TravelBank and embedded directly within the Brex dashboard. When you book with Brex Travel, you can earn up to 5x Brex points, or use your points to pay for travel.

What's more, you can also earn these bonus Brex points when you book on TravelBank and pay with your Brex card. This bonus Brex point multiplier is exclusive to Brex Travel & TravelBank, and does not apply to travel booked anywhere else.

You can set your Brex credit card to pay for travel by adding it to your payment methods.

Brex Point Multipliers

Pay Now Travel

Available on both Brex Travel and TravelBank

Post-Pay Travel

Only available on TravelBank


4x for Brex Exclusive customers

(1x otherwise)



(1x otherwise)


Car Rentals



Note: using Brex Cash with daily automatic payments will boost multipliers by 1x, this means you can earn up to 5x on Pay Now Travel.

Not sure what your Brex Rewards point multipliers are? You can view them by signing into your Brex account, in the sidebar:

Rewards > Overview

Your rewards rates appear in the upper righthand corner.

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