Integrations: Setting Up JumpCloud SSO

Learn how to configure SAML SSO with JumpCloud, and grant access to User Groups

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Starting from your JumpCloud home page, choose "SSO" in the lefthand sidebar. Click the large green plus sign under "Featured Applications". On the SSO page, below "Get Started with SSO Applications" in the search window type "Custom SAML App". Supported Functionality results will appear, choose the green "configure" button to the right of your filtered results.

After choosing "configure" the New Application page will appear. On the "General Info" tab below Application Information you can choose a Display Label. We recommend something unique and easily identifiable such as "TravelBank SSO". The Display Label is required, but the description field is optional, feel free to leave it blank. Below the description field you can choose between a logo and a color indicator.

Next choose the "SSO" tab. Here you will configure Single Sign-On.

The first two fields are IdP Entity ID and DP Entity ID. Here you enter a unique identifier in both fields see the example below:

Note: to streamline and simplify setup, TravelBank recommends that the two IDs be the same.

In the "ACS URL" copy and paste the following address:

Under SP Certificate, from the dropdown menus configure the following two fields to match each other:

Scroll down and copy and paste the following URL into the "Login URL" field:

Copy and paste your IdP unique identifier at the end of the IDP URL:

In the "USER ATTRIBUTE MAPPING" fields enter or copy and paste the Service Provider Attribute Names from the table below. Match them to the corresponding dropdown menu options under JumpCloud Attribute Name:

Service Provider Attribute Name

JumpCloud Attribute Name







Choose the "User Groups" tab at the top of the screen. Check the box next to the groups you will be giving access to this integration. Click the green "activate" button in the lower lefthand corner.

Navigate back to the "SSO" tab. Under "JumpCloud Metadata" choose "Export Metadata". This will forward your metadata to TravelBank.

Click the green "save" button in the lower righthand corner to complete the process.

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