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Learn how to create and edit Repeat Expenses

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In the Expenses tab, choose "Add Expense". From the dropdown menu choose "Repeat Expense".

The Repeat Expense drawer will open, and this is where you can create a new repeating expense, or edit any of your existing repeating expenses.

After you click "Add" the Add Repeat Expense creator will open.

Here you can create a Repeat Expense:

Or, you can click "Add" in the "Add from Existing" pane, a dialogue box will open, and you can choose the Expense for which you'd like to create a recurring schedule.

Input all the details for your Expense, if your company has any custom fields, fill them out, if they are required, you will need to ensure that they have been completed appropriately prior to saving the Repeated Expense.

Note: If you choose "Monthly" for the frequency and select 29, 30 or 31st, in a month where that date exceeds the last day, the Repeat Expense will be created on the final day of that month.

If the Expense is paid for by a company card, scroll down and enable "Non-Reimbursable".

If you need to edit or delete any of your Repeating Expenses, in the Expenses tab, choose "Add Expense" and "Repeating Expense" from the dropdown menu. The Repeating Expenses drawer will open. Choose the Expense you'd like to edit.

Created: 30July2021 12.04

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